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 The company possesses strong casting, process and assembling ability. There are more than 900 sets of various kinds of equipment. The annual production capacity of casting iron can be up to 15000 tons, annual production capacity of cast steel 1500 tons. There are 3 resin sand production lines,which can produce various kinds of metal casting pieces including ultralow carbon steel or stainless steel. Weight of single casting iron pieces has already been up to 28 tons, nodular cast iron 23 tons and cast steel 5 tons.

 The machining equipment has all kinds of heavy-duty equipment including horizontal machining center, numerical-controlled lathe, vertical lathe, console boring and milling machine, grinding machine, the numerical-controlled planer-type milling machine. It has the ability to process all kinds of parts whose diameter within 6.3m and the major axis within 5m, and they can process the depth of the hole within 5m;Furthermore we have the ability to make the dynamic and static balance of the rotor (impeller).

Assembling workshop was installed with all the general equipments for adjusting & testing pump, and 4 assembly benches
specially used for vertical mixed flow pump and other vertical pumps in the line in China, which can install and make the adjustment and assembly of vertical pump with full-length less than 20m (Max length under the foundation can be 16M ). They assure the the progress of installation and quality at the scene effectly..

Cast Iron Workshop pour castings
Numerical control milling and boring center imported
6.3M vertical lathe is processing parts of pump
Assembling workshop for large scale pump

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